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(1985): Four years after the publication of Toni Morrison’s novel of the same name, Sade traces a love story of her affair; not surprisingly, the line that sticks out (“You could turn the wind into a song”) defines her own voice perfectly. “The Sweetest Gift,” (1988): Complicated lyrics would only get in the way of that massive bass line.

Sade sticks to plain professions of fidelity and leaves it to Paul Denman to carry the day. “I Never Thought I’d See the Day,” (1988): There aren’t a lot of Sade songs about betrayal, but each one sticks firmly in the memory. “Should I Love You,” “When Am I Going to Make a Living” (1984): This early B-side shows off Sade as she figures out how to sing about romantic pain in the first-person.

Over a career spanning six albums and 33 years, the art of the singer, backed by her band, has never been anything less than inimitable.

Yet given that her delivery is instantly recognizable and impossible to replicate, it’s something of a marvel that she almost missed out on singing altogether.

“It’s hard to explain,” she sings, and so it’s even harder for listeners to learn how to care. “Frankie’s First Affair,” (1984): Early on, Sade had a tendency to revert to third-person narration — which is not surprising considering that she had thoughts of becoming a fiction writer.