Who is eddie fisher dating

His fame was enhanced by his 1955 marriage to movie darling Debbie Reynolds — they were touted as "America's favourite couple" — and the birth of two children.

Their daughter Carrie Fisher became a film star herself in the first three "Star Wars" films as Princess Leia, and later as a best-selling author of "Postcards From the Edge" and other books.

Both ex-wives were furious, and Carrie Fisher threatened to change her name to Reynolds.

At 47, Fisher married a 21-year-old beauty queen, Terry Richard. His fifth marriage, to Betty Lin, a Chinese-born businesswoman, lasted longer than any of the others.

In 1999, his second autobiography called Been There, Done That, mostly focused on his marriages and women and in sexual detail, prompting daughter Carrie to declare upon its publication: “That’s it.