Updating one to one doctrine2

Codes\doctrine2-tutorial\vendor\doctrine\orm\lib\Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\Driver\Annotation Driver.php(89): Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\Mapping Exception::class Is Not AValid Entity Or Mapped Super Class('Product') What is happening here? The interesting bits are the use of the Entity Manager service.To notify the Entity Manager that a new entity should be inserted into the database you have to call persist().The benefit of Doctrine for the programmer is the ability to focus on the object-oriented business logic and worry about persistence only as a secondary problem.

You should be aware that during the development process you’ll periodically need to update your database schema to be in sync with your Entities metadata.

You can easily recreate the database: The updating of databases uses a Diff Algorithm for a given Database Schema, a cornerstone of the **Doctrine* package, which can even be used without the Doctrine ORM package. Create a Note that all fields are set to protected (not public) with a mutator (getter and setter) defined for every field except $id.

Now that we have defined the Metadata mappings and bootstrapped the Entity Manager we want to generate the relational database schema from it.

Doctrine has a Command-Line Interface that allows you to access the Schema Tool, a component that generates the required tables to work with the metadata.

The top-level entity definition tag specifies information about the class and table-name.