Updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist

Content #Make sure we got a IP back in the response If ($My Ip -match "(? Check out this Knowledge Base article for answers to some of the most frequent issues.To manually update the hostname, login to your No-IP account and click Hosts/Redirects at the top left of the page.

updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist-34

Make sure to remove the quotations from the NSLOOKUP.

In response, you should see a message that looks similar to this: The IP address that returns should match the IP address that is shown next to your hostname on the Hosts/Redirects page.

The easiest way to test this is to run an NSLOOKUP command from a Terminal window.

Open a command line window (Terminal on Linux, Command Prompt on Windows) and type the following: nslookup yourhost.

It will take 60 seconds for the changes to fully propagate to the new IP address.