Updating a session variable without postback nettdating utenlanske

Also, please have in mind that creating custom controls is out of our support scope, even if they are inherited directly from Telerik controls.Regards, Eyup Telerik Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

updating a session variable without postback-42

In MVC the following image explains the scenario: Here the question is how to implement this? Step 1: Download the free Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (the article uses VS2013 Ultimate with Update 4) and create a new empty MVC application of the name Add some sample data in these tables. Step 4: In the Controllers folder, add a new Empty MVC controller of the name Product Controller and add the following code in it: The above code has Index action methods for Http Get and Http Post.

The Http Get Index method accepts the Temp Data[“Category”] object and type casts it to Category.

So instead of having: Hallo Frinny, Thank you for your reply.

Actaully the problem not with the response redirect i think because the gvliste(gridview) nothing to store.

So when the user the enters the data it filter's from sql table according to that and fill the gridview below the update panel. Now iam redirecting to another page as shown below in the selected Indexchanged when the user click the edit button The problem now is after redirecting when i return to the page the session state is ended and all the filter value is the textbox is gone. dinesh Session has not ended when you return to the page. View State contains the State information for all of the ASP. This means that if you have selected a value in a Drop Down List, the selected value is stored in View State...likewise, if the user has entered text into a Text Box, the text is stored in View State. NET controls remember what their state is between requests made to the server.


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