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This is a "sort of" follow-up to "Bride of Discord." Not really a sequel, but is set in the same universe.

Cover Image by Wolf Spirit1292, who also adapted this into a comic!

Find a magic moment hidden in the sky or connect the stars to find a hidden Chri...; Vamps have never been more en vogue!

Re style 'Twilight's' own fashionable femme fatale Kristen Stewart!

http...; Twilight Sparkle and her pony friends had a great movie night.


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    But the “cougar” designation funnels into a bigger point about the fact that we don’t really have widely-used terms for men in general that apply to their state-in-life or sexual desire. But for women, we have a whole vocabulary of insults and labels like: “trophy wife” (a young, attractive woman who is married to an older, usually wealthy man); “MILF” (“Mother I’d Like To Fuck” — lovely); and the ever present “Gold Digger.” You may ask, what about the term “sugar daddy?

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    Danielle Steel is an American novelist of romance and drama novels.