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I have to start accepting that there is actually a tomorrow to think about."And so she is a fully-paid-up member of the reformed hellraiser group, joining the Ronnie Woods and Mick Jaggers of this world with their cranberry juice and vitamin cocktails. To the woman herself, though, it means nothing of the sort.

That prolonged heroin phase is just a distant memory - in her 30s she spent a long spell being a full-time heroin addict and living on the streets of Soho. "That was just a part of my life, a stop on the way - an important stop, yes, but no more than that.

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Who needs to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date?

Some say it was her voice, others insist it was her figure.

Whatever, her life started moving at breakneck speed.

There is a rather tedious comeuppance to be had when you've deliberately lived every day as if it were your last.