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The back-and-forth felt uncontrived; there was an undeniable rhythm to it."I have two sisters. "Her choice in men is…questionable."His sister and I had more in common than he probably knew, but I thought it'd be best to keep that to myself. Sixteen people ranging from ages 23 to 40 -- one man for every woman -- lined the walls of the bar. Their gestures alone spoke volumes, but Bella overheard them: They were desperate for green cards.I'd soon come to learn there were men from all different walks of life. I got comfortable in my seat while the organizer dictated the instructions: Each woman would have four minutes with each man. The next few men were seemingly carbon copies of one another. We continued our conversation from earlier -- he, asking me what I do for fun, and me, telling him my weekend plans.We were to write down the names of all the men on a piece of paper and then circle the names of the men we liked the most. My first date was a decently attractive guy from Rochester. From what I gathered, none of their personalities were distinct in any way. I also wasn't doing a good job of hiding the fact that I was scanning the room for Camden. Before I knew it, the bell rang, signaling us to switch dates. Tipsy off wine and giddy as a teen, I drew a heart next to his name. Surprisingly, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it'd be.

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In it, all the men I've ever let slip through my fingers made an appearance. It's not that they were all that bad; it's just that I was young and uncertain.

Once upon a time, they loved me, but they all have girlfriends now.

He told me he was 36, and though he freaked out a bit when I told him I was 25, I assured him he looked like a slightly older Calvin Harris. The women were dressed in their best business-casual attire.