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She has to feel three core emotions: Let’s assume she already likes you. Now that she trusts you and feels comfortable with you, you can start to boil the water. Women get horny by imagining scenarios and not by explicit images. Let me give you some examples: it’s much more likely that she calls you out on being dirty, naughty or a little pervert. Now it’s time to fill her imagination with more details: I respond in the exact way she wants me to respond. This is not what I mean when I say “send a picture”. Don’t you also want to know how to talk dirty to a girl over text?

I mean, she wouldn’t be texting with you if she hated your guts. Let me share some of the topics I talk about whenever I want to make a girl trust me and feel comfortable around me. This goes completely against what other dating gurus tell you to do. I don’t care if you blame Siri or your Parkinson’s. Talking dirty to a girl through text is not about sending the raunchiest message you can possibly think of. We get aroused when we hear dirty words and naked pictures. That’s why women prefer reading Fifty Shades of Grey instead of watching explicit movies. It’s your job to put Now her brain starts to tell her all kinds of naughty stories. Show her that you play the game better than her…Of course, it’s easier to tease her for being naughty when she fills in the blanks. I don’t get this reply often, but whenever I get it, I know that I’m already inside of her. Continue to feed her imagination with wild images that make her yearn for more…I already know what you want to do with her clothes. She doesn’t want a guy who talks dirty to her and then apologizes. Instead, send one of the following pictures: Wait for her response. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to use naughty messages to get girls to take their clothes off and sleep with me.

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After reading this article, you will be able to do all these things. You have to promise me to not click away, just because the first example I share with you doesn’t start with Here’s my advice: If you jump right into the cold water, you’ll die from a heart attract. You’ve probably looked at some raunchy sexting examples on other websites and thought to yourself “Slow down!


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