Sedating the child with congenital heart disease

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But because there are so many differences in the types of heart defects and their severity, as well as differences in patient age, size, characteristics and diagnosis, comparisons between patients can be extremely difficult.

Heart catheterization is performed on a relatively small number of patients within any one hospital, so that individual physicians do not typically have enough volume to be able to spot trends in treatment outcomes.

The Hamtramck School-Based Health Center serves as a critical resource for families with barriers to health care access, particularly the uninsured and new legal immigrants.

We want to thank you for your contributions to the Dream. The Hamtramck School-Based Health Center: Without a stable source of funding, the future of this community outreach program, which has provided immunizations and health care services since 2000, was in jeopardy.

Approximately three quarters of all children who have migraine headaches experience their symptoms several times a month.


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