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Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in Southern California, opened an Instagram account.

She viewed it as an experiment; the surface of the internet was riddled with unseen pockets of desire, weird subterranean pressures, and she was inclined to prod it, gingerly, until she found out how deep they ran.

Her first posts were fairly scattershot, many uploaded from unsurprising places like the golf course or poolside, but she also made the somewhat unusual professional decision to document her work on patients: slicing out cancers, lasering unwanted tattoos, mending earlobes torn by overzealous piercers.

She became fascinated by why certain of her posts were shared more than others.

He graduated from Hahnemann University School of Medicine and interned at San Bernardino County Hospital in California.

The New York Medical College saw Rebish as a resident doctor.

She is from Upland, California, where she was raised. Sandra Lee is a dermatologist at Skin Physicians and Surgeons. Tune in to my @tlc SPECIAL airing Wednesday Jan 3rd at 10/9c!! Fitzpatrick, a member of the city’s Dermatology Associates.