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” The metaphor is advice to imply to the audience that Romeo is cupid in the situation as he falls in love easily and he needs to be free from love and fly away from it to be back to himself.The metaphor also is giving the audience n insight into his character, which is that he falls in love all the time telling us he is a romantic.Shakespeare uses the metaphor, “Prick love for pricking And you beat love down.

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Then do the D-struct F thing again, then do a quick downward seep-pick on the open C chord, with the high G note added (1st string at 3rd fret). Then it's up to the D-struct F for the start of the lyrics: F(D-struct) Bb(strum/pick...) F(Dstruct) Dm (open) C(open) F(1st fret) A lovestruck Romeo sings a streetsuss serenade F(1st fret) C(open) Dm(open) Bb Laying everybody low with the love song that he made C(barre 3rd fret) Bb C(3rd fret) F(1st fret) Finds a streetlight Steps out of the shade, says something like Bb C(3rd fret) you and me, babe, how about it?

Then add that nice little riff: F(1st fret) C(open) Dm(open) Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo! " C(open) F(1st fret) C(open) Dm(open) Bb He's underneath the window, she's singing "Hey la my boyfriend's back C(3rd fret) Bb C(3rd fret) F(1st fret) Shouldn't come around here, singing up at people like that Bb C(3rd fret) Anyway, what you gonna do about it?

Romeo, but is said by Mercuric through humor showing the audience how light-hearted and frivolous Mercuric is.

The frivolous and light-heartiness is one-sided in the friendship telling the audience that Romeo and Mercuric isn’t the same.

Mercuric is being serious but trying to make it seem a joke to cheer Romeo up telling the audience that he does care for Romeo by being sarcastic in a funny and witty way, but meaning no harm.


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