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(It doesn’t help that Welles himself made many contradictory claims about these movies, and his intentions for them, over the years.) Nevertheless, here’s a guide to Orson Welles’s other major unfinished films. Together, these segments make for a somewhat experimental slapstick comedy that starts off as a bedroom farce but then becomes a visually striking and inventive chase through the streets of Manhattan, all leading up to a fantasy version of Cuba that Welles created in New York.

(started 1966)Here’s another full feature that Welles shot over some years (from 1966–69) but never finished editing.

Which is ironic because he had hoped that this one would be a more commercial movie: It’s an adaptation of Charles Williams’s novel — the same story that inspired the 1989 Nicole Kidman–Sam Neill–Billy Zane thriller — starring Welles himself, Jeanne Moreau, Laurence Harvey, Michael Bryant, and Oja Kodar.

— plays a character named Jake Hannaford, a movie director who’s celebrating his 70th birthday and, unbeknownst to him, living the last day of his life.

Hannaford is also screening footage from his newest movie, a mock-European “arty” drama starring an actor named John Dale (played by Bob Random) and a mysterious woman (played by Oja Kodar, who in real life was Welles’s girlfriend and is credited on as his co-writer).

In addition to Bogdanovich, who was instrumental in completing “The Other Side of the Wind,” subjects interviewed in “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” include Frank Marshall, Oja Kodar and daughter Beatrice Welles.