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Nonetheless, i see no wrong whatsoever in online dating. If you are old enough to start dating, you should be well informed of the dangers and pitfalls, and should be ready to shoulder and bear the consequences. Those who've switched over to online dating say the lack of pressure and the lack of competition that is a part of nightlife is almost nonexistent online.

honestly , it depends on how u arrange it that's how iot works too--- when one is serious on it sincere result would definitely come out [email protected] Ogaga4Luv, happy new year, how de Xmas? I think say as u don get Xmas wife, u go don leave this thread. did it occur to those that think that there may not be a posable mate where there areso where do those of u looking foe a mate go? Lookin 4 wife/hubby, looking 4 pple 2 tell u itz ok to search online, just say ur lookin n stop d pretence, Food 4 thot, if ur were u,wld u marry U, point r u gud enuf 4 sum1 else?

I think say as u don get Xmas wife, u go don leave this thread. Abi na to encourage the oda countriman who still dey look.( not to spoil una show, me I no talk anything o !!! Quote from: c0dec on May 06, 2005, PM78 % of women that chat online are fat and unattractive and geeky with no life at all! Or ur jst a dreamer, well keep on dreaming, dreamers, SMHOftentimes online dating works out fine.

Online, if the person you have been emailing for awhile is not the person you see yourself in a marriage with, no harm done you haven't spent a dime.

Likewise, if you see that this person could be a possible spouse, than online dating allows you to figure this out without the added expense.

The only noticeable difference between off/online is the physical presence. Risks, in the sense that for instance, you may be dating a short man online, meanwhile your prerequisite for a "dateable" man, is a tall one! And that is why it seems online dating is more risky!


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