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Its violence has helped to sustain a reality in which white fetishism of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people exists alongside the demonization of sexualities which fall outside of the “superior morals” of a —programs which advocate for monogamous, heterosexual sex between married couples in adherence with cisnormative, heteropatriarchal demands as the only appropriate way to engage in sex.

This effectively demonizing queerness, non-monogamy, and sexual exploration—even though it’s Existing in this kind of sexual dissonance has had a significant impact on our sexual behavior and our understandings of sex.

It may feel kind of awkward at first, but it gets easier the more you talk.

Here are some tips on outercourse: Outercourse is very unlikely to cause pregnancy, but some sexual activities can spread STDs.

This silence effectively takes serious conversations about the realities of sex completely off the table for most of us, and so we learn what we know about sex from pornography, mainstream entertainment, and old wives tales whispered to us by older kids who learned from the same methods, or by stumbling through our first sexual experiences with no preparation at all.


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