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Frequently, we see rocky roads to romantic relationships, or the modern-day version of stringing along, which is really just keeping options open until you’re ready to truly go “all in” on the one you want, when you want it. A couple years ago, he told me that men want to date women who are in the same exact place as they are — in career, in life, in emotional development.Social media and technology has allowed us to keep tabs on lots of people, with various degrees of commitment and communication frequency, or so researchers found in a 2014 study on the phenomenon of “back burner” prospects. If women are ahead, kicking butt in life, they admire that. But really will force a guy to grow, and sometimes, they’re in a phase where they just don’t want to face their fears of losing control and being truly vulnerable.

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Men are supposed to ‘have it all together’ and ‘make it work.’ Love comes after money and success.” So, feeling too much, too soon with someone? “Guys stress over the expectations they women place on them; it can be a problematic clash.”I’ve learned to bear with men as they figure themselves out. Maybe Chrissy Teigen had it right, when John once tried to break up with her in the middle of a stressful, panicky time.

Sometimes, they really do fall in love accidentally/slowly/carefully.

One of my female book interviewees called the “I can’t have a girlfriend/be in a relationship” line the “mitigating expectations” talk. If you trace it back to the roots, the young-ish career set all have a similar, uber-millennial story.

In the age of “emerging adulthood,” a phrase coined in the late ’90s by psychologist Jeffrey Arnett, these guys are unsettled and growing; they’re not looking to set up house or commit like their parents did.

It doesn’t shock me when he says he doesn’t know where he’s heading in life.