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With an overall average just below 6 women met per 10 attempts, men who posted photos without their shirts on met almost 9 women—an average only bested by photos taken with an animal.

The site warns, however, that the entertainment value of a half naked man only lasts for so long; as a guy gets older, he's less likely to get a response out of women with such a picture.

The first is of his "sonichu" account as it was frozen on 17 October 2005. It is brief, optimistic, and—for Chris—relatively inoffensive.

The second snapshot is of his "sonichucwc" account; Chris had last accessed it on 4 July 2008.

When it comes to profile pictures, it seems that everything most thinking adults assumed would be true is false—those awful "kissy face" pictures, the My Space angles, phone-pics-in-the-mirror, and pics that don't even your face are apparently quite effective in generating interest in the opposite sex.