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The statistical histograms are used by the Query Optimizer to choose the optimal query execution plan.If a query predicate contains a column with statistics, the Query Optimizer does not have to estimate the number of rows affected by that query, thus the Query Optimizer has enough information to create the execution plan.

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In certain rare cases you might have to disable this useful feature.

The auto update statistics feature can be turned off at different levels: Please note that if you disable the auto update statistics option on the database level then there will be no statistics updates regardless of the individual table, index or statistics object settings.

There are opposing viewpoints, though, and here’s a few links for more learning: In SQL Server Management Studio, you can right-click on each database and go into its properties to change Auto Update Stats Asynchronously back to the default, Disabled.

Auto Update Stats also has to be enabled for this change to actually do anything – otherwise stats aren’t being updated anyway.

You can enable the automatic statistics creation by running this SQL statement: The outdated statistics can cause a lot of performance issues therefore it is recommended to enable it. The usual symptoms of non-updated statistics are suboptimal query plans and degraded performance.