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Jacinta doesn’t understand what she did to cause Dave to stop talking to her, and he says them hooking up was a mistake.

She grabs Dave’s phone and jumps out of the car at a stoplight, running off to send Alli breakup messages (which Alli freaks out over back at the Model UN).

Dave catches up with Jacinta, and as they continue to argue Jacinta walks into traffic without looking and gets hit by a car.

Dave returns to Degrassi, where Alli is waiting to chew him out.

To take his mind off things Alli invites him over to her place.

Before he arrives Alli and Jenna stumble upon a Facerange group with people posting well wishes for Jacinta.

Dave and Alli greet all of the students from other schools who arrive at Degrassi for the Model UN, and Dave comes face to face with Jacinta again.