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A single sheet within a book is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.

Writing or images can be printed or drawn on a document's pages.

vidiya vidiya TV odin Alum adh Ala oatta pandhayththula kalandhukka mudiy Adhu kozhikku yevvalavudh An theeni poatt Alum adhu muttadh An poadum 100/100 poadum A ?

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CREAM biscuit-la CREAM irukkum NAI biscuit-la NAI irukkuma ?

Bike-la poi ‘FIGURE’-ra correct pannal Am an A ‘FIGURE’-yae correct pannittu irundh A BIKE v Anga mudiyadhu k Adalikkira ponnungalell Am k Adhalidh An an A kaly Anam pannikka poara ponnungall Am kaly Ani kidaiy Adhu innaikku thoongina n Alaikku n Alaikku yenthirikkal Am an A n Alaikku thoongina innaikku yenthirikka mudiy Athu !

Our suppliers are located in the coastal areas of China.

You can hardly find a competitor with our dolls in terms of cost-effectiveness elsewhere.

Paper podaravan – paper kaaran Paal poadaravan – Paal Karan Thabaal poadaravan – Thabal Kaaran Pichchai poadaravan…….pichai kaaran A ?