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After all had been discussed and agreed upon then they would all get up and shake hands and eat (Trumbull, pp. This view of the go-between reveals a role that is far more than just simple observations and inquiry as Granqvist mentioned.The go-between actually carried out the negotiations of the betrothal.He then has fulfilled the duty of his life (Granqvist, 1931: pp 46-47).

For the most part, marriage customs throughout the Middle East are similar.

Each tribe or village might vary the theme a little but nevertheless a general protocol or standard seems to prevail.

The messenger can also ask the girls's relatives directly if they wish to give her to such and such a man, in this manner preparing them for a proposal.

If they answer that he is welcome, he is sure that they wish the marriage to take place....

The Motif of the Go-Between When a girl is found that suits the taste of the father, and sometimes more importantly the mother, there are a few preliminary details that need to be done before the formal betrothal negotiations begin.