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“Now, Jonathan, I thank you very much for your question,” Cena said via Wrestling Inc. So, the answer is no.”The full video can be seen below.

, the wrestling superstars open up about Daniel's surprising comments regarding his wife during an earlier dinner with sister Nikki Bella."What if Brie didn't want babies? " Brie questions Daniel later."If I'm fertile would you divorce me? Do these lovebirds have a bright future together, or will another unexpected crisis throw them off track?

Nikki added that their relationship isn’t defined as anything right now, saying, “Yes, I spent the night at his house.

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"Yeah," Daniel says bluntly."If I was infertile, you wouldn't divorce me, right?

Watch the deleted scene to see if their marriage is hitting the skids!

And WWE should wonder what damage the show could do to its biggest cash cow, and his possible successor. It uses a weird mix of reality and fiction that promoters use to play off fans’ emotions. The announcers on Raw made note of Natalya being frustrated with the returning Bellas as she had mentioned on the reality show.

For the most part, these fans don’t want to see their top babyface male stars involved in romantic storylines, real or not. exposing the backstage lives of wrestlers, but not at this level.

Cena has been mostly focused on other projects outside of WWE as of late, and he recently did a reading of his book Elbow Grease at the Library of Congress, then participated in a Q&A session with the crowd after.


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