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A couple for 12 years, they decided last year to open a gay bar based largely on the desire for a quality gay bar in the area as well as an investment since Frank has experience in business.Denial has a trendy upscale interior laid out in the usual disco/bar style with areas for a pool table, a dance floor and tables and chairs for sitting, all within reach of the long bar with its glowing back lighting.

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In the next few years, the marines stationed in Okinawa will be relocated in Guam.

According to reports, roughly 7000 marines will arrive. ” (end of update) But there was no such theme party for the sailors at the nearby Jax lounge, a “Gentle Man’s Lounge”.

A recent update from a Global Gayz reader: “I read your posting about Guam’s gay life and it was very helpful and informative before I arrive to Guam and just few updates are necessary.

I’m in the military and I’ve been living in Guam for a year now.

Also there are several book/video stores located in Hotel Road and Marine Drive known to be places were locals and tourists can hook up.