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Vigilante justice has increased in rural areas, resulting in lynchings of suspected child abductors, extortionists and other criminals.

Don’t approach or photograph children and women (especially in areas with Indigenous presence), since many people in Guatemala fear that children are being kidnapped for illegal adoption or sexual abuse.

Drivers and fare collectors have been the targets of violence, including murder.

Passengers have also been subject to armed robbery by fellow passengers.

Criminals frequently operate in groups and, increasingly, on motorcycles.


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    Prevalence rates varied widely within each population, most likely due to methodological and sampling differences across studies." The authors added, "Few longitudinal studies existed, limiting the extent to which we could identify developmental patterns associated with female perpetrated intimate partner violence." They found a few studies which reported prevalence rates of IPV perpetration among females at two or more time points, which they stated made "it difficult to obtain a clear picture of the developmental patterns associated with this type of violence." There was also only one study that reported on prevalence rates over time for female perpetrated IPV among adolescents.

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