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The problem with going around the circle is that it is so predictable, and once a person answers they may zone out.

One solution is to use a “button” (a small token like a poker chip) that is given randomly to a person to speak.

This game’s purpose is to get people to evaluate a problem from a different perspective, and discover things that they are doing that are contributing to the actual problem. ” A pre-mortem is a great way to identify at the beginning of a project, what the greatest risks are.

This game is a simple way to generate multiple ideas and build on them. Start with a topic like “Improving Employee Morale”. Distribute a large index card to each player and ask them to write down an idea. Have players pass their index card to the right (or fold it into a paper airplane and fly it to another participant). Read the idea on the index card just received and add an idea inspired by the original idea. Continue the process until there are multiple ideas on each card. In this game, players identify why a project failed miserably (before the project begins). This game addresses the challenges of the “let’s go around the rooom and hear everyone’s idea” routine.

With a little preparation and creativity, meetings can be exciting and an effective use of everyone’s time.