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That’s the fallacy of a lot of these things people try. You asked the question and I wanted to let you know, what we’ve seen is people trying to get a third party divorce, by that, I mean in a country that neither one of you are really from, it can be problematic.

You’re going to have to take that divorce decree, take it down to the PSA. If they won’t, you’re going to have to do an annulment in the Philippines, or maybe there’s some defect in the Hong Kong divorce they’ll have you correct and then maybe they’ll recognize it but that would be a question for the PSA.

We had an RFE where one came back, so a lot of that also depends on where she’s at.

If the alien beneficiary is still in Hong Kong, more unlikely they probably would accept it but regardless, as Ben stated, you still have to get that registered through the PSA and you’re going to need to get a CENOMAR, a certificate of no marriage.

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