Farmers and ranchers dating commercial

Coverages which are generally written with property insurance, e.g., glass, tornado, windstorm and hail; sprinkler and water damage; explosion, riot, and civil commotion; growing crops; flood; rain; and damage from aircraft and vehicle, etc.An annual report required to be filed with each state in which an insurer does business.The liability of an insured to persons who have incurred bodily injury or property damage from work done by an independent contractor hired by the insured to perform work that was illegal, inherently dangerous, or directly supervised by the insured.

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I don’t mean to stereotype anyone, but wouldn’t farmers instead be tending to their livestock, repairing tractors, picking watermelons, starting campfires, taking over federal buildings, or doing whatever farmers usually do?

While on a blind date, a man in a suit completely ignores the girl beside him and talks to his business partners over the phone instead.

If you watch television, you can’t miss the slew of commercials from an online dating site called Farmers

The ads are so embarrassingly bad, they’re actually pretty great.

This baffling website claims to help farmers create relationships.


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