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Mutations are thought to drive evolution, but they cannot increase information.

Virtually nothing can be determined about hair and the look in someone’s eyes based on a few old bones. Dating methods that use radioactive decay to determine a rock’s age assume that the original amounts of parent and daughter isotopes can be accurately estimated, that no isotopes moved into or out of the rock after its formation (closed system), and that radioactive decay rates have always been constant.

However, the original amounts of parent and daughter isotopes can rarely be estimated with reasonable accuracy.

(A mousetrap is a simple example.) It is not possible to build such a system gradually, one component at a time, since it cannot function unless all components are present.

Many living systems exhibit such irreducible complexity (e.g vision, blood clotting, etc.).

The fossil record shows complex fossilized life suddenly appearing, and there are major gaps between every major “kind” of life. These are often based on fragmentary remains that can be “reconstructed” a hundred different ways.


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