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Food Sources: avocado, blackberries, dates, guava, kiwi fruit, lychee, mango, passionfruit, pomegranate, artichoke, green beans, kale, lima beans, parsnip, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, spirulina, squash – winter, sweet potato, swiss chard, brazil nuts, buckwheat, cashews, chestnuts, filberts/hazelnuts, oats, sunflower seeds, walnuts, beef, cheddar cheese, perch, salmon, sardines, goat cheese, soy beans, turkey bacon, veal, roast duck, black beans, black eye peas, edamame, kidney beans, navy beans and pinto beans.**** Chromium RDA- 25-35 mcg Upper Limit- ND (not determined) Chromium is needed for regulation of blood sugar, prevention of heart disease and adult-onset diabetes, and proper production of protein, fat, and cholesterol. **** Iron RDA- 15-10 mg Upper Limit- 45 mg Iron is needed for oxygen transport and storage, energy production, and protection against free radicals. Iron plays a key role in the making of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. If you don’t have enough iron, you may develop anemia, a low level of red blood cells which results in fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, coldness in your hands and feet, pale skin, restless legs and chest pain.

**** Magnesium RDA- 320-420 mg Upper Limit- 750 mg Magnesium is an important factor in muscle relaxation and heart health, it allows nerves to send messages in the brain and nervous system, it aids and regulates the body’s use of calcium and other minerals, assists in bone and teeth formation, regulates the metabolism of nutrients such as protein, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates, regulates cholesterol production and helps modulate insulin sensitivity3, assists in energy production, DNA transcription and protein synthesis2 and maintains the structural health of cell membranes throughout the body.

I want to share moments and flavours and experiences and well… I have learned overtime that in order to really enjoy the moments… Food sources: protein rich foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and legumes as are whole grains, hard potatoes, dried fruit, garlic cloves, and carbonated beverages.

Calcium alone can’t build strong bones and tissues.

**** Phosphorus RDA- 700 mg Upper Limit- 4000 mg Phosphorus is required by the body for bone and teeth formation.

**** Magnese RDA- 2.5 – 5mg Upper Limit- 11mg Manganese acts as a catalyst and cofactor in many enzymatic processes involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.