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Spoiler alert, I connected them and made the SPOOC. (Pardon me while I smack myself upside the head.) Take note of your genre, gentle readers!

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: Sadly, because the good pastor himself is a bigot. Peters is more evidence that trying to reason with bigots serves no purpose whatsoever. The campaign to end hate speech in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod continues. I would be happy to continue this discussion privately but little light is being generated here — only heat.

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Instead of doing this, address your cause in a thoughtful and polite manner in your own forum.

I know that I have never countenanced hate or loathing against anyone, no matter how strongly I have disagreed with them or their values. Peters “moderate” racist, hateful slurs against African-Americans on his blog? Peters “moderate” hateful, anti-Semitic comments about Jews on his blog? Peters’ readers made this comment: “African-American men prey on confused, hormone laden young white women and convince them that it is a choice and encourage mixed-race sexual relationships even if for a “trial” to determine if they will like sex with any and all races.

Everything in a paper must support the thesis in some way, otherwise it has no purpose. I first read this and thought, “Cool, let me just sit down and write a SPOOC for … ” As it turns out, my plot didn’t hold up to the SPOOC test in draft one, and it took me longer than I care to admit to fix that.

Likewise everything in a novel must support the plot in some way, otherwise it ends up on the cutting room floor. You see, I was having troubles connecting the Objective and the Climax together in a compelling way.

The details haven’t been worthy of writing about anyway. And they were fucking good looking men and we were a table of 20-something nurses, already half lit. It turned out that there was a convention at the hotel of FIREFIGHTERS AND PARAMEDICS. There were firefighters and paramedics there from all over the world, with cameras and video cameras.