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Our free online group-chat lets you converse with hundreds of men and women at once, but you also have the option to open one on one chat rooms for singles.

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Studies have shown that as many as one in five relationships today begin online, it's hard to turn down odds like that.

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Maybe we are burning brightly because it can't last.

Dating123 I'd say those are the feelings of the intense infatuation of an early relationship that you broke off to protect yourself and so your feelings for him remain in the early intense infatuation stage.

I could feel myself falling in love and wanted to stop seeing him before I found myself utterly heartbroken. I blocked contact (later regretted it) and tried to move on asap. But have never had such an intense short-term 'thing' like this before.

I felt very at ease with him and we could easily chat for hours. However, due to several reasons I had to break it off with him. Was married for nearly 15 years so know the feelings of long-term love.

The job he has now isn't permanent and he has applied for a job abroad as his probationary period is up in June.