what to expect when dating a recovering addict - Dating sites to solvent people

Jane says: ‘Women see the writing on the wall and take a grip on their health and beauty, staying active, keeping abreast of current affairs, studying, keeping beautiful.‘I go to gym classes (made up mostly of women), whereas men my age just think they don’t have to make the effort because there are always dozens of younger women who will go out with them.’A woman who looks great, feels good about herself and is solvent and independent-minded won’t be drawn to a man who has let himself go, or who may be interested in her but is far too old.

So these magnificent midlife daters fall into a void.

Jo says: ‘This generation of men don’t bother to make the effort to represent themselves in an attractive way, even online.

Men need to open their eyes to the amazing women in their own age bracket.

With the statistics against them, women are motivated to want to look after themselves and make the best of what they have, while there is no incentive for the men to do the same.

They often step out of the dating ring completely, sometimes for many years, to rebuild their lives or to focus on bringing up children.‘When they return to dating, it’s really hard for them,’ says Jo.

‘There aren’t as many men because they have a wider pool.

At 48, Jane Townsend is beautiful, independent — and single.