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One of her friends, who is a bit too drunk, then smirks to the group, “You know, this is just like Lindsay to go out with another Giants fan.” The others quickly shoot this friend dirty looks.You laugh awkwardly and ask, “What do you mean by that?

The question that keeps lingering in your mind and unsettling your stomach is this: Does she really like me for who I am, or does she just have a Giants-fan fetish?

Personal preferences in dating or sex are not the same thing as fetishes.

Being in love with the idea of someone without actually getting to know the person as an individual is unfair and disrespectful.

It’s an awful feeling to realize that the cute guy who approached you is as interested in you as he is in every other girl who shares your race: you’re as special as millions of others.

I’m one of the many twentysomething East Asian women living in the Bay Area.