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On the last day of school, its fun to do something special to congratulate your kids. This candy gram lets your kids’ teachers know how exciting you are for the new school year! plus its filled with And you know that chocolate makes everything better!

After a long school year, teachers definitely deserve a little extra love.

In some education systems, teachers may be responsible for student discipline. This is partially because teaching is a social practice, that takes place in a specific context (time, place, culture, socio-political-economic situation etc.) and therefore is shaped by the values of that specific context.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has argued that it is necessary to develop a shared definition of the skills and knowledge required by teachers, in order to guide teachers' career-long education and professional development.

Finally, the concept of emotional contagion may also apply: students may become more intrinsically motivated by catching onto the enthusiasm and energy of the teacher.