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In those classes, those are so-called “ajd” and “jd”.The modified Julian day number is in elapsed days since midnight (Coordinated Universal Time) on November 17, 1858 CE (in the Gregorian calendar).Thus, the year before the year 1 is the year zero, and the year preceding the year zero is the year -1.

A Date object is created with ::new, ::jd, ::ordinal, ::commercial, ::parse, ::strptime, ::today, Time#to_date, etc.

All date objects are immutable; hence cannot modify themselves.

In this document, the astronomical Julian day number is the same as the original Julian day number.

And the chronological Julian day number is a variation of the Julian day number. In this document, when the term “Julian day number” simply appears, it just refers to “chronological Julian day number”, not the original.

Date:: ITALY (2299161=1582-10-15), Date:: ENGLAND (2361222=1752-09-14), Date:: GREGORIAN (the proleptic Gregorian calendar) and Date:: JULIAN (the proleptic Julian calendar) can be specified as a day of calendar reform.


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