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In Fuzhou it never rains gently—water falls violently, and thick layers of moisture cover everything. They talked to each other curiously, and then the old lady managing the canteen gave me hot water and homemade food, worried that I might catch a cold.

I managed to point to my dead phone and showed them that it was dead, and they smiled and gave me a charger.

They appraised each other with sidelong glances, attempting to hide their heavy hearts and appear uncompromising, while trying to prevent their offspring from being lonely when the next Chinese Valentine's Day rolls around.

Matchmaking markets have sprung up in many large Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an and Fuzhou, but in the meantime the younger generation is postponing marriage.

At the park, umbrellas were placed in rows, each adorned with A4 sheets of paper covered with handwritten information about the unmarried children.