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“He had that special glint of ‘tortured artist who enjoys sleepless nights on the computer’ in his eyes,” Rees says. ’ ” Behind the scenes: “Is this where I say some cliché thing about how you can’t want what others have?

For their first date, Ozturk invited Rees to climb the Golden Face/Complete Exum route up the Grand Teton: “It was a 24-hour first date so we count it as 10 dates,” says Rees. ” Rees responds when asked if she has any relationship advice.

They lived a few hours away from each other at the time, so they took things slowly in the beginning.

“We dated—truly, old-fashioned dated,” Richardson says. “We would go to museums, go on walks, go to dinner, and just talked.

Say what you will about the pleasures of single life or the virtues of monogamy—we’re pretty sure most of us share a morbid curiosity about the globe-trotting, van-living, mountain-climbing couples who fill our Instagram feeds and have been known to grace the pages of every so often. ) Do their roles as sponsored athletes or social-media stars affect their relationship at all?


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    You’ll come away feeling recharged and reconnected.

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    But Gary Vaynerchuk lacks emotional intelligence and fails to realize it.

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    Serena Powery did not know that Joseph Tillman was fasting when they met as youth ministry volunteers on a church retreat in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York in August 2014.“We talked for hours that first day, and though I had been dating someone else at the time, I was immediately attracted to him,” said Ms.

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    Get the inside scoop on how many people cheat, what causes them to, and what the average affair looks like. It seems like stories about cheating pop up everywhere you go.