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When he moves here, his problem is not about race; his problem is about language and cultural understanding, so there’s that fear of, “Oh, she’s not going to like me.” (It’s not, “Oh, I’m inferior”, although, I still get that.) [] For him, all I have to do is teach the skill sets, the techniques. They need to be aware of the problems and then take action.

For a female, targeting an Asian man…[incomplete statement] Actually, there’s a funny video where two white girls are talking. (I know you’ve talked about the Asian community and the kinds of things you help Asian men deal with a lot on your Facebook page.) These are things that are specific to Asians, that white guys don’t face. I got called gook and chink and slant eye when I was growing up. T.: [] Was it, what is the difference between Asian women? ) So be prepared for that; that’s when you do more classic indirect as the direct style wouldn’t work as effectively when they are [in] a click. They hold resentments against white people, resentments against their families, resentments against women, resentments against white women, and resentments against Asian women. [] I can teach anybody the techniques, regardless; it’s giving them what they need to heal emotionally. That’s because he wasn’t willing to go through the pain. You have to be willing to get your balls kicked in a couple times. Like you said, you’d go out five or six nights (or whatever) while you were working a full-time job. I just kept going until I’d finally made my first approach which was, I guess, a major game changer (for my whole life, actually). But, again, this is what happens to some guys: they over think it and let that poison fester. For example, one guy has a nice car and works really hard, and the other [second] guy wants the nice car, the second guy wonders, “Why does that [the first] guy have a nice car? [] The first step is recognizing and writing down their internal negative thoughts.

One girl says, “I’ll never date an Asian.” while an Asian guy stands right beside her, with his mouth hanging open, dumbfounded. What would be the difference here for an Asian man here (other than the sexual hierarchy you’ve already mentioned) in the U. as opposed to a white guy, trying to meet hot women? T.: [] You have to understand that this is one of the benefits whenever someone takes coaching from me. So there’s a part of me that would call this internalized racism. He was willing to go through that fire of rejection, embarrassment and humiliation. ” It’s just because of the actions the other guy took which were different enough but one guy worked on the right things and the other guy didn’t. (I thought that being short was one; another was feeling that Asian girls wouldn’t like me.

We were talking before the show started and you’d mentioned that Los Angeles is kind of a Mecca of pick up. It’s also the origin of Project Hollywood from the game, Levi Strauss. Eddy: You mentioned a little bit about your background to that Project Hollywood. [] In fact, I had dated this tall, blonde, blue-eyed girl.

You’ve come straight up from Los Angeles to get with us today. It’s a tier-one city with beautiful women everywhere and the weather’s great. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get a date to like me–even though in college I was the “big man on campus”.

(Not that they shouldn’t learn to interact: they should, just so they can master the different skills sets that indirect offers, but we don’t speak the language.) [] When it’s your second language, confidence is what speaks, regardless of the country you’re from: whether it’s Asia, Europe or Australia, everybody understands body language. For the Asian-American with a lot of limiting beliefs, what’s going to happen when he goes up to a white girl and says, “I think you’re beautiful”? (I remember having Matador corner me in the lobby when I had two Asian students and they asked, “Why the fuck you give these openers? China being colonized by Britain; and Viet Nam by France, and so on and so forth, where you kind of have this established hierarchy, where white is at [the] top. Eddy: So I might say, “Oh, my little Asian girlfriend…[inaudible as J. Given your basic advice about going out and saying, “hi” to people, this is the same kind of advice I give my students, as well. Eddy: Or starting a conversation with a store clerk. That it takes 28 daily repetitions for a muscle memory link to be formed. / end / [] I'm the founder of Conquer & Win, and since 2011 I've been helping guys get into great relationships, build their core values as men, and become confident.