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Reggie kept threatening to hurt her family if she didn't keep his secret and cooperate with him.

When she tried refusing his advances, he reminded her that a word to his homeboys was all it would take.

Reggie was the only man she had ever done this to, the only man she had tasted and swallowed. "I love you and I'm not leaving for a whole year, baby. With his strong arm around her shoulder, her arm slid around his waist as she began gently jerking on his cock. You been giving me hard-ons since I moved here and now you gonna start taking care of them for me." Christy couldn't believe how big and rigid his cock was becoming again.

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You'll get used to me and to having a real man inside you. She felt his immense scrotum slapping against her asshole, further attesting to his victory. Her hands remained on Reggie's hips, but no longer grasped him in pain or attempted to hold him at bay. As if reading braille, the walls of her vagina began painting vivid images behind her eyes of his thick, long cock tunneling through her quivering tissues, parting them all the way up her birth canal, expanding her vaginal orifice. It took a moment for all these things to register in her mind. His hard, gargantuan penis pulsated in her hand like a major artery about to burst, discharging semen all over her. His cum, mixed with her own vaginal secretions, was on her hand from fondling him and she didn't know what to do with it. He left her bed, stood and petted her hair affectionately. How could he possibly say he loved her and ask that? "I guess I'm gonna have to work on you some more then.

I told you last night, we was gonna get to know each other better and become friends and that's what we doing. She looked up at him, their eyes meeting, the pain abating as her body adjusted to his entirety. The head of his penis kept gently nudging her cervix. Ooh, ooh, ooh." Reggie felt her pussy throbbing around his cock. Dave didn't orgasm this strongly, he usually wore protection and he didn't ejaculate as much. He hugged her and she unconsciously ran her slimy palm up his hard, muscular chest. Eventually you gonna admit liking it and you gonna love me." Neither of those things would ever happen as far as Christy was concerned.

She felt the initial pressure as he sought admittance, then she felt her pussy stretching around the glans of his massive organ in surrender.

"Oh, baby, your sweet little pussy is wet and tight and feels so good," Reggie exclaimed.

He delivered another smack to her scorching buttock. Her clitoris had become sensitized by him earlier and what Reggie kept doing to it aroused her.