Calgary comic and entertainment expo speed dating Naughty anonca com

Modern mass media portrays us all as socially inept if not virtually afraid of the opposite sex, something particularly evident if you watch shows based on tired stereotypes like The Big Bang Theory.

That being said, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know lifelong comic book readers who have no idea how to talk to a woman (or a man if that’s where your heart leads you).

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We’ve already developed an official app, which will be ready by the time of the Expo.

It will assist our fans in keeping track of timeslots and events they want to partake of.

This year we’ve built Thursday up into a fantastic night to go into your Expo experience with. “It a great partnership with city and I love that Downtown Calgary allowing us to make it happen.

There are going to be exclusive shopping opportunities and a lot artists who are doing special Thursday promotions and appearances. It’s wonderful to see how our Parade has brought community together and become a part of Calgary’s culture.” The crowdsourcing continues with events including the premiere of the Expo’s 48 Hour Geek/Nerd Film Challenge.

Those who prefer to watch the World of Warcraft go by, should pick their spot along the Expo’s parade route through the city’s core. Parade of Wonders is set to saunter from Eau Claire Market to Olympic Plaza starting at a.m. “Things have really taken off with this massive event, and if there’s one word to describe what we’ve tried to achieve in our programming it’s ‘diversity.’ A show of this size has so many moving parts that anything can happen on a moment’s notice.