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Since her childhood, Jael De Pardo had an interest in modeling and acting.

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Jael De Pardo collected the Silver Telly Award and the Bronze Remi for her work on Current TV.

Actually, Jael De Pardo did not reveal the exact figure of her net worth.

Yes it certainly seems as though it’s more planned on than it is on…Jael De Pardo: Exactly, exactly. Like when you’re in law enforcement with evidence there’s a chain of command.

You log it, you make sure you know everyone who has it and what hands it gets past to because possibly that evidence could be used in court.

We may never have to testify in court but if you want to be taken credibly I think you need to be as specific as you can without overkill in recording evidence so that somebody else who wants to research that particular phenomena or case can look at your reports and your evidence and there’s no guess work.