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Advice to Management Restructure the middle management by re-vetting them as most of them lack people skills and line management function. Cons I wanted to be so wrong about working for a Russian company and be open minded.

Bring transparency into the performance evaluation. But this is a nightmare place to work with arrogant founders.

- There is not a single woman in a C-level position in Badoo (there's been improvement at lower levels however) - You may feel like a serf with all the perks being a "bread and circuses" shiny things to distract you from the fact that the real wealth (shares in the company) are kept for the leadership themselves.

- Gender diversity has improved, but diversity along all other lines is very much lacking.

You can also share your positive experiences at work on social media, don’t forget to #Magic Lab Pros- Interesting projects, dating apps are fun to work on and contain a surprising breadth of challenges that will be applicable to a wide range of industries afterwards.