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Make them more than just somebody reading text on screen.

You get a sense that he’s interacting with it, that he’s in the moment.” ‘s narrative is virtually Hitchcockian in the way it reveals certain stark, surprising truths, slowly edging toward a climax that has inevitability and dread scrawled all over it.

, but we’re quickly getting to know all of the show’s main characters.

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The fact that there is this scientific collaboration between Stamets and the other characters is incredibly invigorating and meaningful to him.” Unlike most previous haven’t exactly been bosom buddies from the get-go.

We see this in Stamets’, shall we say, “salty” interactions with his fellow crewmates thus far—particularly, with his commanding officer Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs), and the conscripted mutineer Michael Burnham.

“I think that Lorca has to earn Stamets’ respect, and that may come from some indication that Lorca has some noble purpose for Stamets’ science beyond just winning the war,” Rapp said.

“As for Burnham, she demonstrated to him in the previous episode that she has really good scientific skills.

“He’s reacting to a screen, which can absolutely be deadly.