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There are absolutely no comparative examples dating between the mid-second and the sixth centuries in a formal script on a soft writing support from the same region as EGLev.

While Yardeni’s consummate skill in analyzing Hebrew scripts is beyond doubt, I will nevertheless argue in this paper that limitations in data and method render Yardeni’s early date for EGLev improbable, and that the scroll should rather be dated to approximately the third or fourth century .

This later dating of EGLev in some respects increases the significance of the scroll, because it provides a securely placed script sample on a soft writing support from the land of Israel from a period with almost no attestation.

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The cumulative supporting evidence from the archeological context, bibliographic/voluminological details (wooden roller and metallic ink), format and layout (tall, narrow columns)—each individually indeterminative—also suggests dating EGLev to the period from the third–sixth centuries .


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